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NeuroTalent Works Earn and Learn – (Neuro)diversity in Insurance: Job Training & Hiring Program

NeuroTalent Works advances neurodiversity inclusion (a diversity of minds) in the workplace by connecting employers of all sizes to neurodistinct talent: job-seeking individuals with cognitive and developmental distinctions, such as autism. The NeuroTalent Works team is neurodiverse themselves and uses the community voice to inform their processes, training methods, and philosophies.

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Through the California Department of Rehabilitation’s (DOR) Demand Side Employment Initiative (DSEI), NeuroTalent Works has developed a new insurance-specific Earn and Learn opportunity for businesses and job candidates statewide: (Neuro)diversity in Insurance.

The (Neuro)diversity in Insurance: Job Training and Hiring Program connects neurodistinct individuals with employers in the insurance industry, benefiting both groups. The program aids participating employers as they work to become more inclusive, welcoming them into a robust community of neurodivergent-inclusive businesses. NeuroTalent Works also provides business partners with:

  • Neurodiversity inclusion training

  • Access to neurodistinct, prescreened job candidates

  • Grants covering the first two weeks of a new hire’s salary

  • Six months of business coaching and support for each new hire and their manager

For neurodistinct individuals, the program helps them find entry-level positions in the insurance industry. NeuroTalent Works empowers program participants with:

  • Connections to jobs and employers

  • Insurance job and industry trainings and certifications

  • Professional mindset and skills trainings

  • A supportive cohort of peers

To learn more about NeuroTalent Works and how the organization partners with businesses, visit To learn more about the (Neuro)diversity in Insurance Program as an employer or job candidate, visit


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