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DSEI: Targeted Marketing Campaign

As part of the Demand Side Employment Initiative (DSEI), EmployABILITY Business Grant recipients will each benefit from a targeted marketing campaign highlighting companies’ efforts to create more inclusive workspaces. Businesses will collaborate with Small Potatoes Communications on campaigns that will include marketing collateral, digital graphics, press kits, and website features — all at no cost to the recipients.

First, the Small Potatoes Communications team embarked on a statewide research tour to gauge the marketing needs of small- and medium-sized businesses across California, including local business events, meetings with chambers of commerce, and conversations with small business owners. This research informed a full marketing communications plan that will guide the team’s next steps building personalized targeted marketing campaigns for each grant recipient.

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Moving forward, Small Potatoes Communications will collaborate with

EmployABILITY Business Grant recipients to develop customized multimedia marketing campaigns highlighting their success in hiring, training, and retaining individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the team at Small Potatoes Communications will spotlight businesses that are champions of disability-inclusive hiring with strategic multimedia opportunities, like special events, videos, and media relations.

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