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EmployABILITY Champion: A&G Electronics Recycling Angel

A&G Electronics Recycling Angel, based in Riverside, has been providing electronics recycling services to the community since 2011. E-recycling helps reduce the amount of e-waste in landfills. Co-owners Gabriela and Patrick Atwater spent some time talking with us to celebrate the business's new status as an EmployABILITY Champion and to help us learn what that means to them.

A&G Electronics Recycling Angel Location

When you tell people what your business does, what do you say?

We recycle electronics with the goal of promoting a circular economy that eliminates e-waste. We are earth-friendly and believe that e-recycling is our responsibility. Our goal is to protect our natural resources. We’re certified to recycle any electronic device – anything that plugs in – except metal appliances, so things like TVs, computers, headphones, etc. It’s also important to educate our community about the importance of recycling and reusing e-waste and let them know that there are places to take it. We work with individuals and big corporations to make recycling e-waste convenient and accessible; we offer pick-up and drop-off service.

How did you start your business, and did you have any challenges?

We started the e-waste recycling service from our house, using our personal truck to haul the items. We officially started the business in 2011. The biggest challenge we have is education. People aren’t aware that they can and should recycle e-waste. They don’t know what e-waste is or where to take it. So, we work hard to get the message out to the community.

Items to be recycled out front of A&G Electronics Recycling Angel

How do you think the EmployABILITY Business Grant will affect your business in the future?

Our hope is to expand the business and offer even more opportunities for education and e-recycling for the community. With the grant, we’ve purchased equipment and hired new staff for our new facility, so we’re already growing! Once we get our newest site up and running, we want to open another location.

What does it mean to you to be an EmployABILITY Champion?

Being an EmployABILITY Champion means we’re more inclusive as a company. It means we can give individuals with disabilities meaningful career opportunities, and it means we can grow our business and continue to educate people about electronics recycling.

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Image by Nick Karvounis

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